The first all-digital workflow makes your everyday practice
easier, more predictable and more profitable.

Why is the digital workflow not yet established?

There is no central unified data & communication tool:
Many physicians are reluctant to use planning services because of the high administrative effort required to send data and facilitate communication between all parties involved. Digital solutions are not fully networked and require manual intervention with telephone, e-mail and USB stick.

There is no user orientation:
The users must be picked up from their digital knowledge and the systems must be adapted to them.

Our solution

You concentrate on your core competencies: patient consultation, implantation and care.

We take care of connecting all parties, systems and offering an optimal process for all parties involved. This means appointments can be better coordinated and data can be exchanged more easily and securely.

Reliable results in only 3 sessions

Our integrated planning and production service shortens the time needed for
treatment time and reduces the number of patient visits.

1. Let's plan

Practicioner: Scan & DVT
You collect scan and X-ray images and transmit them to us.

ASSIST: Plan, Guidance & Prov
We plan implant, template and temporary restoration as required and send you the proposal.

With your OK we will print, manufacture, pack and send it to you.

2. Let's place

Practicioner: Implantation
You implant, make a positional scan using the scan body and place the temporary restoration – all with our multi-functional cap.
You then send us the scan.

ASSIST: Abutment & Crown
We manufacture the abutment and final crown and then send it to you.

3. Let's care

Practicioner: Final Bite
You use abutments and crowns, almost as in a normal dental prosthesis treatment.
New teeth for a new bite.

ASSIST: Archive & Pass
We take care of the certification of each case so that it is clear which parts were set, while providing high data privacy.

Time for change.

There shouldn’t be any compromises. That’s why we make implants simple and safe. For patients, as well as doctors.

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