A new vision for

The first all-digital implant and service system. Rethought with big design changes. The advantages of various systems combined.

Why are we working on an
implant revolution?

There are more than 300 implant systems on the market with more or less the same weaknesses, so we rethought the implant system from scratch.

For more than 50 years dental implants have been placed mostly without digtial guidance, that’s one of the reasons why we have been making compromises when choosing an implant:

  • Titan or Ceramics?
  • Single-piece or two-piece?
  • Conical or butt-joint?
  • Tissue-level or bone-level?

The ADVANTIQX concept

The result of our research is a completely new implant system that combines the advantages of the different systems and eliminates the weak points:


A system that unites opposites and therefore makes no compromises:

  • Titan and ceramics!
  • Single-piece and two-piece!
  • Conical and butt-joint!
  • Tissue-level and bone-level!


Our implant features major design changes which allow a higher mechanical and biological stability. The handling is also simplified.

Implantology 4.0


The fully digital workflow makes your everyday practice easier, more predictable and more profitable.


The project IdentiTI 13XP5093A is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Vision Implantology 4.0

We are working on a unique implant system and we want to enter medical device markets in Europe and worldwide.
We are looking for further passionate partners to help us achieve our goals:

Advantages of single- and two-piece implants

Our two-piece implant has the mechanical stability of a one-piece implant and at the same time the handling comfort of a two-piece.

Advantages of titan and ceramic implants

Better prevention of peri-implantitis due to ceramic surface with simultaneous advantages of a titanium interior.

Advantages of conical and butt-joint connection

The external cone ensures a bacteria-free connection with bone protection. The butt-joint connection provides clear height positioning and prevents the cone from tilting. 

This connection is patent pending.

Advantages of tissue- and bone-level implants

Our implant has the simple handling of a tissue-level implant and yet behaves aesthetically like a bone-level implant.

Fully digital implant system

Angled implants allow an optimum digital workflow with ADVANTIQX ASSIST, with no visible screw connection and no need to deviate from the digital protocol.


The origin, prevention and therapy of peri-implantitis are part of our research.

Lean. Safe. Fast.

User-friendly slim system with only 200 parts. The research is based on modern computer simulations. Our integrated planning and manufacturing service reduces the treatment time to 3 sessions.


We want to make our products ready for the medical device markets in Europe and worldwide. We are a passionate company with a huge vision. We need passionate partners to implement them.

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Time for change.

There shouldn’t be any compromises. That’s why we make implants simple and safe. For patients, as well as doctors.

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